Living on the Emerald Coast, Florida, means accessing some of the world's most beautiful beaches, diverting watersports, and incredible sunsets. However, when tourists flood the Florida beach scene, finding some more tranquil spots can be challenging. Check out these local hideaways on the Emerald Coast for your next staycation on 30A!


1. Camp Creek Coastal Dune Lake

Everyone raves about 30A's beaches but often overlooks its beautiful coastal lakes. For your next staycation, avoid the tourist crowds at the beaches and head to Camp Creek Coastal Dune Lake. Tucked close to Seacrest Beach, this little hideaway is a secluded oasis for those seeking serenity. Kayak through the peaceful waters, surrounded by untouched landscapes and a variety of wildlife - perfect for birdwatching and relaxing!


2. Cessna Landing

If you're looking for a local, uncrowded spot to catch fish on your next staycation, check out Cessna Landing. This tranquil spot is in a county park with a boat ramp to help you launch into your afternoon activities. Cessna Landing offers access to Choctawhatchee Bay, providing a perfect setting for a quiet day of fishing or simply enjoying the scenic beauty.


3. Turkey Creek Park 

If you're looking for a place to enjoy an afternoon staycation filled with activities, head to Turkey Creek Park. Connecting Niceville to Valparaiso, the Turkey Creek Park is a hidden gem for those seeking a peaceful stroll. Enjoy views of Boggy Bayou, spot dolphins in the distant bay, bring kids to the playground, and revel in the quiet beauty of this local secret. You can enjoy the plentiful swimming and even try tubing if it suits your fancy!


4. Underwater Art Museum

If you truly want to escape the crowds on your next staycation, take it underwater! The Emerald Coast has dozens of dazzling dive spots - from sunken tanks to shipwrecks to coral reefs and farms. However, one of the most exciting spots on 30A to dive is the Underwater Art Museum. This dive spot is full of underwater sculptures to explore, and you can kill two birds with one stone - adventure sports and culture!


5. The Shard Shop in Grayton Beach

If you want to learn a new craft on your Emerald Coast staycation, head to The Shard Shop in Grayton Beach. This make-your-own-art boutique is a center for exploring your creativity. Their daily classes are centered around glass and resin art, and you always come home with a special piece or gift to remember your experience. The Shard Shop classes are versatile - an ideal date activity, a fun night with friends, or even a unique place to host your next party. Just make sure to visit during the off-season; the shop can get quite busy with tourists during the holidays!


Plan Your 30A Staycations Permanently!

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