Originally known by a much different name, Niceville is a small city located on Choctawhatchee Bay. Now most famous for its safe community and gorgeous beaches, this cozy settlement was originally home to only a handful of people and a single gristmill.

Founded as Boggy, Florida, in the 1840s, the settlement remained minute until the middle of the Civil War. While the area was hotly contested during the war, with many families falling on different sides of the fighting, it was also a quickly growing region. As a part of the Homestead Act of 1862, land was given to settlers to aid in developing the area, although this land was only granted if they had not fought against the U.S. during the war.

It wasn't until 1868 that Boggy established a post office and began to see the makings of a true town. Almost forty years later, the land was divided up into parcels for development, including space dedicated to a national forest and sawmills. These sawmills became a massive economic boost to the growing community, attracting more families and businesses to the region. Lumber emerged as a principal industry in the area and was the main contributor to the local economy for decades, with the city even becoming the location for the annual Woodmen of the World picnic.

In 1910, Boggy was renamed by the postmaster's daughter. It was given the name Niceville, a much better fit for the picturesque locale. The small town was still known for lumber production, with turpentining and shipbuilding two popular occupations among the residents. About two decades after its renaming, a fire devastated the main portion of town, costing the community most of its businesses. This didn't deter the locals, however, as only four years later, it was named one of the most enterprising towns in Florida. As with many cities in the region, fishing became a critical part of the local economy, allowing the community to grow. These fishing holes continue to offer a pleasant pastime to residents and visitors alike!

As a city that truly lives up to its name, Niceville is considered one of the best places to live in Florida. Well known for being a safe city, it has a small-town feel while still being within easy driving distance of more populated locals, offering the best of both worlds. This community is a wonderful place to live or visit and offers plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. With an average of 343 days of sunshine a year, there is no better place to enjoy the famous Florida beaches.


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