Regarding food, few dishes are as universally beloved as pizza. If you're vacationing or living in Fort Walton Beach and searching for a good slice of pie, we've got plenty of choices. Whether you're in the mood for a Neopolitan style, a thin crust, decadent toppings, or the comfort of a quick meal, Fort Walton Beach pizza options are aplenty! You can enjoy a delivered pizza on the beach or deck, looking out at the white sands and shimmering blue water, or you can head into town to one of the gourmet joints serving up some of the finest pizzas in Florida. These top Fort Walton Beach pizza spots genuinely live up to the hype!

Top 5 Fort Walton Beach Pizza Spots

1. Lost Pizza Co.

Lost Pizza Company is the perfect Fort Walton Beach pizza stop for convenience and variety. Located directly on Miracle Strip Pkwy, Lost Pizza is an easy stop when driving through Fort Walton, heading out to the beach, or one of the area's many activities. With their quirky decor and extensive menu, you'll feel welcomed into this laidback eatery. There's something for everyone at Lost Pizza, from the generously topped pizzas to salads, sandwiches, and AMAZING cheesy bread.

2. Ali's Bistro

If you're looking for a cozy Italian dinner, Ali's Bistro is the spot! This charming dinner spot isn't just known for having some of the best Fort Walton Beach pizza but also some of the best Italian food on the Emerald Coast. Their classic Italian recipes are mouthwatering - tempting visitors to drive miles and book reservations for special occasions to ensure they get a spot! Their pasta is some of the creamiest in Florida, and their pizzas are a thin style that leaves you satisfied yet not overstuffed. I recommend the Ali’s Favorite! With its intimate atmosphere and commitment to quality ingredients, Ali's Bistro provides a Fort Walton Beach pizza you don't want to miss!

3. Clemenza's at Uptown

If you find yourself craving wood-fired pizza in Florida, look no further than Clemenza's at Uptown Station. With generous toppings and a classic Italian crust to die for, Clemenza's is a Fort Walton Beach pizza spot that cannot be missed. From classic cheese to various options, including chicken alfredo pizza, quattro stagione, and other Italian favorites, everyone will find something they love at Clemenza's!

4. Wiley's New York Style Pizza

If you're searching for New York-style pizza, head immediately to Wiley's! This casual eatery boasts some of the best Fort Walton Beach pizza at a very reasonable price. Their extensive pizza menu is complimented with wings, pasta, salads, and sandwiches. While there are a few dine-in tables, most of the ordering is carry-out style.

5. Papa John's Takeout

Sometimes, we're not in the mood to try something new; we just want to go with a known, trusted option. When you're looking for Fort Walton Beach pizza on the go, head to Papa John's. This beloved chain restaurant never fails to deliver a thick, soft, flavorful crust, generous toppings, and cheese that melt in your mouth. Their extensive menu and customizable options ensure that there are options for everyone and delivery or takeout is just a simple phone call away!


Fort Walton Beach is a paradise for pizza and beach lovers alike! If you're looking to enjoy pies by the sea year-round and make the Sunshine State your permanent or part-time home, don't wait! You can make Fort Walton Beach your home with me as your realtor. I have years of experience finding the perfect homes for clients in the Florida Panhandle, and I can't wait to help you on your journey toward your ultimate beach life dream!