Living along the Emerald Coast comes with many perks, including access to a wide variety of breweries. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite breweries! Whether you want to find your one and only or try them all, I can't recommend the following breweries enough.

St. Michael’s Brewing Company

St. Michael's Brewing Company is a testament to the community, with its entire theme set to honor our military, first responders, and law enforcement personnel, from the brewery's name to its artwork and more. St. Michael's just celebrated its 3rd anniversary and has recently expanded its beer garden! I could go on and on about all my favorite things about St. Michael's, but instead, I will tell you that you absolutely must try their flagship beer, the Coastie Blonde Ale. Plus, there is a different food truck daily, so make sure to pop by!

Location: 2199 Highway 87, Navarre



3rd Planet Brewing

3rd Planet not only produces a wide variety of scrumptious beer but is also a big proponent of the community. With plenty of space (inside and out) to socialize, regular food trucks, and a monthly charity event to give back. I adore 3rd Planet’s craft beer and highly recommend trying the Beach Bohemian pilsner.

Location: 1400 E John Sims Parkway, Niceville



Idyll Hounds Brewery Company

Started in 2013, Idyll Hounds prides itself on making beer that they love to drink (which I like to drink too!) One of my favorite things about Idyll Hounds is that it is open every single day, unlike most others in the area. So if you want to grab a beer on a Monday at 11 am, you can do it there with no judgment...because, let's be honest, Mondays are hard.

Location: 845 Serenoa Rd, Santa Rosa Beach



Grayton Beach Brewpub

Located in the heart of Grayton Beach lies Grayton Beach Brewpub. This brewery, restaurant, and bar utilize only the freshest ingredients to ensure the best experience for their customers. Whether you are looking for a meal, a beer with friends, or simply a relaxing cocktail, they have got you covered!

Location: 217 Serenoa Road, Santa Rosa Beach



Destin Brewery

Destin Brewery won the 2021 Florida Brewery of the Year award in the New York International Beer Competition, and that’s just the beginning! Destin Brewery has won a plethora of awards, and it's no wonder! Whether you are just visiting or are a local, this is one place you need to stop. Don’t have the time? Just order online and pick it up on your way by! If you have time to stop, try the Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local B.O.B. (Blood Orange Blonde) Blonde Ale.

Location: 505 Mountain Dr, Unit N, Destin



Fort Walton Brewing Company

Fort Walton Brewing Company is a nano-brewery (i.e., 2 barrels) that strives to combine high-quality beer with local flavors to create a happy and content community. I highly recommend that you try their Locked N' Loaded APA as well as their Crazy Chicken Lady sodas!

Location: 505 Mooney Rd NW, Fort Walton Beach



Props Craft Brewery

Why is it named Props, you ask? Well, it’s because a couple of the brewmasters spent most of their careers serving in the USAF, flying special operation missions in prop planes around the world while another worked in helicopters. Their shared experiences came together when the owner, Brian, brought his restauranteur skills to form this brewery. You can find Props in two locations in Fort Walton Beach and their alehouse in Niceville.

Location: 225 Miracle Strip Pkwy, Fort Walton Beach



Strange Colt Brewery

Strange Colt Brewery is a Euro-style pub that features a menu inspired by their craft beer. Born of British roots, you will find beer enthusiasts, rock and roll music, and a joyous atmosphere every time you grace Strange Colt’s doors. While there, I recommend you try the Strange Kölsch.

Location: 1103-B John Sims Pkwy East



Bayou Brewing Company

Keep it local at the Bayou Brewing Company. This small-town brewery has delicious beer and regular special events. I particularly love Saturday Mimosas! Plus, if you are big into the high school football scene, make sure to check out Football Friday this season! You get $1 off your first beer for wearing NHS colors!

Location: 120 Partin Dr. N, Niceville